What's the best animal you've seen in the wild (no bird chat)


I’d have to say the most dangerous animal of them all - man


That last pic from Uganda?

A tapir

Oh I see you’ve covered this in the first picture, as you were



Nice one, mate. Where do they even live? GBOL in my H opinion

Saw a pack of wild wolves in Spain once which was mega cool.

What were they doing?

This was in Malaysia somewhere? In the Taman Negara which is the world’s oldest rainforest!!!

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Can’t believe you’re letting mosquitoes off the hook.

is it truly possible to see a domesticated dog ‘in the wild’?


They can do whatever the fuck they want, friend.

walking up a hill.

Nice one.

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didn’t say anything about the dog, did I?

Probably @anon5266188 on a 50 yard scorcher or something

Don’t really know tbh

thanks for the response.

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The only thing I’m endangering from 50 yards is the corner flag, friend!