What's the best Best Of compilation thing?

multiple artists please

Motown Chartbusters Vol 3 for me, man. absolute perfection from top to toe. a record for all ages and occasions. so, so good

please make suggestions

Had that on the other day while making dinner, Danced around the kitchen singing along.

Don’t really listen to many compilations though. The Kompakt ones are good. Someone else can definitely give a better suggestion or two though.


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Monsters, Robots and Bugmen is probably the best first wave of post-rock compilation I’ve heard. It’s a double and quite widely available for a couple of (s)quid(pan) from popular internet music retailers. Helps that it’s properly mixed too.

It came up in the best albums of 2016 thread too, but the ‘Day of the Dead’ Grateful Dead tribute compilation album is fucking great. 59 tracks, 5 discs and loads of artists and styles… Perfume Genius, Sharon Van Etten, Tim Hecker, Stephen Malkmus, Flaming Lips, Lee Ranaldo, Tunde Adebimpe, Courtney Barnett, Fucked Up, Bill Callahan, all kinds of good stuff.


The NME’s 1992 Ruby Trax compilation is still worth listening to.

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It’s that first Basic Channel compilation, isn’t it?

Although I absolutely loved that old 4AD compilation Lonely is an Eyesore when I was younger. Seemed so strange and exotic to my callow ears. Plus you can’t turn your nose up at a compliations of original material.