What's the best bird you've seen in the wild?


no shit jokes about women pls.

i reckon i saw a yellowhammer yday. fucking ace.


got nothing to contribute but i just remembered louis tacos and his thread about his yellow stork or whatever :smile: brilliant


Can’t remember what it was called, but it was in Seville and my reaction was “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT”.

It’s in our bird book at home, I’ll look it up later and get back to you.


Turkey vultures in Cuba. Weird lads.


Best bird - Either a big grey heron or all the cormorants that came and joined in when I was swimming in the sea in Cornwall.

Best-named bird - Grackles. They’re in Texas, and they look a bit like fancy crows. According to the Houston Chronicle, they are ‘Texas’ Worst Bird’.


really brilliant this


In trying to figure this out I’ve found this

Fully done.


Dunno what any of them are called as a bird is a bird at the end of the day, just took these photos for me Ma as she likes em innit.




One of these, in Leytonstone.

He likes to hang around the gardens with fruit and chickens, but can be seen in the woods at the end of our road.


I came for the sexist jokes, I stayed for the ornithology


Always love seeing a random parakeet in a park


Steller’s Jay, proper sexy irl.


guys this thread is already well lovely, thank you.


Not enough people putting what type it is for me.


yes i wish i knew what some of Ant’s were the first two little lads are amazing


Sorry, mine was a White Cheeked Turaco:


Some sort of large Eagle in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.


Hiking in Northern Queensland I rounded a corner and came face to beak with a cassowary - backed away sharpish before it disembowelled me…

Cassowary 2



:DDD look how absolute lads they are