What's the best Disney film?

There are three answers I will accept.

Pulp Fiction


I did extensive polls for this on a previous thread, divided by distinct periods of film making and everything.

Beauty and the Beast for me.

None of them are very good, but the first Toy Story is probably it.

come on now

yeah I knew somebody cooler had probaly done this thread better but whatever. I need something to do whilst I drink my tea ok?

I’m just testing the waters of how we are defining a Disney film. That mouse has his white gloved fingers in everything

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Even that one was mainly good because of Randy Newman

no nonsense like Big or anything with real people in please

Toy Story is the greatest film trilogy.
The best stand alone disney film is Robin Hood.

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you’re wrong but nice try. Good to have passion I suppose

It’s still My Neighbour Totoro

Based on this thread, most popular answers are Lion King, Aladdin, Jungle Book and Robin Hood:

trying a little hard?


I don’t know why I linked to that particular post, Ant just got lucky I guess.

one of those is an acceptable answer

Jungle Book


does Pixar count?

The Matrix