What's the best Disney film?

I guess if you like but I don’t know shit about that

You taking Pixar stuff here Bammers?

Aladdin, Lion King and Jungle Book if not.

Toy Story, Up, Wall-E if so.

Does Star Wars count?
Does Marvel count?

Pixar is a bit Millennial for me I think.

Bit Steve Jobs innit


definitely not

I hate to go Theo on your ass but technically…

I think Pixar’s best work stands up there with the all-time greats in cinema history

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go on…

are you the Kate Tempest guy too?

Sword in the stone!!


that’s one of the three!

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No, I think she’s excruciating

ly good?

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oh sorry

… they are both under the Disney umbrella now. If we are accepting Pixar then we should, nay we MUST accept Star Wars and Marvel.

The Jungle Book
or Robin Hood


“ly good at being embarrassing” that is!


well then let’s exclude Pixar, they are a bit too Audi Driver for me anyway, know what I mean?

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Disney’s ‘The Black Hole’

I’d accept those in a top 10, maybe a case could be made for top 5