What's the best meal you've never paid for


(your favourite dish that you’ve never ordered when out)

Probs lasagne for me




A bit of toast with some cheese on top is a major key to day to day survival for me, but will never be got out


That and 2fried eggs with some toast


I’ve never ordered 2 fried eggs on toast on their own but I’m counting it as a component of a fry-up


I’ve twice been out for meals where they have fucked up so royally that we have ended paying about 25% of the bill (they offer this obviously). We got to eat what we wanted in the end but maybe not at the same time or the first time of asking. I often wonder if this is a compromise I would settle for every time I eat out (maybe twice an hour).

Guess it depends on how much time I have.



I guess this isn’t relevant