What's the best Meshuggah album?

Been thinking about it and it might be Chaosphere tbh. Nothing is a close runner-up. Big fan of Catch 33 also

What says you?

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The Best of Meshuggah.

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Aye, v close second for me.

Never really listened t them, maybe i should

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I really like the I ep, it was the first release which really clicked for me but it would have to be Chaosphere for album.

Picked up The Violent Sleep of Reason cheap on double lp in hmv recently and have been really enjoying it. Best for a while I reckon. They recorded together again!

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Yeah, probably Chaosphere. I’ve got a real soft spot for Destroy Erase Improve though as that was my first expose to them.


D.E.I. is good also but feels a bit like Chaosphere’s annoying little brother.

i think they’ve had good and bad bits in their later career but dunno, somehow couldn’t be very arsed with this one. really looking forward to the new Fredrik and the Wotsits album though.

Sounds like you’re convinced it’s Chaosphere then lol




Not listened to this lot. Do you think I would enjoy Chaosphere?

hmm tough to say. they don’t strike me as your cuppa particularly but the experience of listening to them for the first time is like WO so dunno. they basically have a total lack of melody which you might not be into. just pure chug with shouty man in completely impossible time signature

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Yeah doesn’t sound like my thing tbh. Singing along in the kitchen “throw us on the pyyyyyre” :sweat_smile:

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basically if you don’t like the first 30 seconds of this, you wont like em

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Hmmm maybe… It is lacking in melody but I do like the intensity.

He’s like a robot.

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they play to a click now though don’t they :frowning: slightly spoils the idea of them being inhumanly good

I feel like if you can all concentrate on a click track while performing live and stuff you’re still pretty good, no?

And anyway, it’s not like most bands aren’t reading the count off at least ONE member of the band in any case…

All I recall of this band is the start of a track with inhuman drumming or something that spawned loads of people doing YouTubes of them trying to play along or something?