What's the best Meshuggah album?


playing to a click is kind of a skill i guess but the fascination with them for a long time was how insanely tight and robotic they were without it, it was pretty much their deal


I wasn’t aware of that. But still, I dunno man. Give me all the click tracks you want. I still ain’t touching that shit. Unreal


i think it would be amazing to see them live and to hear them drag by a couple bpm or make a mistake :smiley:


I think it’s probably Bleed, the track I posted. It’s an absolutely monstrous pattern. Obzen not their best album imo though. Catch 33 ftw


i think obzen suffers from dodgy modern metal production but there’s some bangers on it



Oi mate u dropped sum thin


I find the real fun part about watching them live is watching how all the members of the crowd have very different ideas about when they should bang their heads. It’s like the mosh pit is broken.


I always figured it was Obzen but I can’t claim to be an expert. So glad I saw them live last year though, unreal.

Will whack Chaosphere on now


Something really borked about the production on Obzen


dunno m8 it’s hardly Good Nature or something. never noticed it before anyhow.




Come on mate choose one lol


Saw them on the catch 33 tour and it was like I imagine being bludgened with a 2x4 for an hour feels like. In a very very good way. So intense,so heavy,so good.


really underrated i reckon. i know it’s proper prog-bollocks but i’m well into it.


Listening to Chaosphere now - enjoying it. Guessing from this thread I should move onto Nothing next?


yep. listen to the original release as well, not the re-release thing they did.


I really like Nothing on first listen :metal:


I like both versions, but the original has proper sharp death metal production so obviously \m/ \m/ \m/ best one


the re-release sucked all the life out of it for me


kinda think the eight-string adds something in some ways, but otherwise totally agree