What's the best Neurosis album?

on another day I might have picked the eye of every storm (was a bit disappointed that - if I remember rightly - they went ‘heavy’ again after that one)

quite liked some of the solo projects and offshoots too -
there’s a really great solo a capella song by scott kelly (a good test of a person’s endurance)

Man V Self Is a new album that just came out from an artist and hes super dope check him out

Souls At Zero is easily the best. It has all the brutal energy of the previous 2 hardcore records but with added weirdness, unexpected dynamics and some totally wtf arrangements. Also love the production which sounds both raw and epic at the same time. Jello Biafra had a massive hand in it as he was on mixing duties. This album is pure raging badassery and defo makes my top 5 all time metal albums.

I really love the production on it, but think musically they really levelled up on enemy of the sun.

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I might do this also but start tomorrow. I’ve tried giving their other albums a go but always got totally stuck on A Sun That Never Sets. This was always the one that stood out the most

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Enemy of the Sun and The Eye of Every Storm are missing from Deezer :unamused: Might try and find them elsewhere and jump between two playlist…

presses play on Pain of Mind

Through Silver in Blood or Times of Grace for me. Think TSIB wins it though. Id never heard anything like it and was floored. So bleak and heavy. I enjoyed a Sun that Never Sets but found them a bit boring through the rest of this century before enjoying the last one again. I thought it was a really good record.

Souls at Zero is fucking great also though so i dunno. Good band!

Pain of Mind didn’t do too much for me. The Word as Law on the other hand is very decent… both albums sound (to me) like Tom Araya fronting a more hardcore sounding Louder Than Love era Soundgarden (idk)…

Onwards to Souls at Zero

yeah Enemy of the sun doesn’t really seem to be online anywhere. Shame coz it’s fucking banging, think it’s my favourite.

annoying that some of their stuff ain’t on spotify

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The Eye of Every Storm sounds more like Tool than i remember it doing.

This site comes in handy some times

scott kelly a capella is way too hardcore for me maaan

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scott kelly solo stuff is really… not to my taste

really sounds like he’s gonna kick into

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I almost never have strong feelings about drums, but the Pelican drummer is of only two that actively put me off listening to something.

(the other is the guy from Lifetime. YOU’RE ALLOWED TO USE SOMETHING OTHER THAN THE SNARE.)

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always really liked this bit of drumming tbh

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fuck me that is bad

terrible drummer as well, christ

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On balance I like the band but there’s a few tracks I just can’t listen to because of the drumming.

Anyway, Neurosis are also good.

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does anyone have one of those versions of Times of Grace where they mixed the ToN other CD in with it? used to be a few version on oink (RIP)