What's the best picture you've ever done?


Did a very good painting of Tutankhamun in year 3, mixed up a fucking bitchin royal blue out of powder paint, really made the gold pop on the headdress thing. Won Highly Commended at the school display.

Also my Mum has a picture I drew as a toddler of a “miserable bullock”, it looks exactly like it’s title.

What good drawings or paintings or whatever have you done in your time?


Did a good painting (watercolour) of a pencil reflected in 2 mirrors for GCSE (got a B). Sounds shit, looked good.


I drew a picture of a rotten apple in primary school and I was asked to leave the room


I won a Jesus drawing competition when I was about 10. I was not (and am not) a Christian.


I also drew the cover of the Horrible History book ‘Vicious Vikings’ - My dad got drunk and used it to start a fire


I got told off in art at secondary school for using a ruler in a still life piece of homework, load of bollocks


Who was holding the Jesus drawing competition?


Teacher at school who was a bit of a Bible basher. Was a Christmas thing, and the prize was a large amount of chocolate, which was the main motivation.


just found a version of this that linked to the daily mail site. fucking yuck


I’m starting doing an online drawing zine/blog thing called Boneless. I’ve got a bunch of drawings ready already, it’s just fucking photographing them that’s the thing.


Nice one!


School art teachers insist on loads of complete bullshit, which art colleges then have to unteach.


It’s quite silly.


I really didn’t get on with art at secondary school, this sort of thing didn’t help




Here’s number 2 which I’ve already posted to DiS


Good drawings IMO


I remember I had a teacher who insisted it was unacceptable to ever ever work from a reference photo, it always had to be from real life. I don’t know what she thinks book illustrators do.


Did a huge pencil drawing of myself, sat in the palm of my own hand for A level art. Worked solidly on in for a whole weekend and was really proud of it then the bastards went and lost it before the final exhibiton and I had to have a note in it’s place from my teacher explaining to the exam board that they had lost the work.


I did a brilliant picture of a man in a full Manchester United kit (circa 1989/90) holding hands with a man in a full Arsenal yellow shirt with black sleeves away kit (circa 1989/90) and a mitre delta football with red chevrons between them at the age of 9.