What's the best side of a Bowie album?

think it’s probably Scary Monsters side one innit. could be Low side one though. both of these are fucking flawless, imo


can someone make this a poll?

I don’t understand the question - how do you get “sides” of a Tidal stream?


refusing to let this one die. solid thread right here, ffs!

Low side one.

Subthread: Has anyone heard that Bowie / NIN bootleg that’s been released recently? Any good?

Side 1 of ‘Let’s Dance’. The opening three tracks of ‘Modern Love’, ‘China Girl’ & ‘Let’s Dance’ are poptastic.

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1st side of Hunky Dory
1st side of Low
2nd side of Ziggy Stardust

1st side of Diamond Dogs is really good too

Side one of Hunky Dory’s possibly my favourite half of an album ever.

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Diamond Dogs almost edges it for Sweet Thing alone, but I reckon it has to be side one of Low.

Ziggy Stardust or Station to Station for best Side Two…

Diamond Dogs gets some stick, but it’s really only the second side which is a bit flat - side one is amazing: the title track, Rebel Rebel and the Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing medley are all superb


Another vote for Hunny Dory side one.

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(Winnie the Pooh remix obviously)


Nobody uses Tidal, so that one’s easily solved.

Low side one… By a distance.

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I like Heroes side two a lot. I just love those instrumental tracks for personal nostalgia. I associate them with memories of going on holiday to European cities as a teenager, visiting museums and art galleries. Moss Garden makes me feel really happy.

Diamond Dogs side one is also brilliant. If the side two was equally as strong, it would be a fierce contender for one of the best albums ever.

Would I be cheating if I said both sides of Station To Station?

This is a shite poll. Let’s just make it, the best Bowie album period.

  • David Bowie
  • Man Who Sold The World
  • Hunky Dory
  • Ziggy Stardust
  • Aladdin Sane
  • Pin Ups
  • Diamond Dogs
  • Young Americans
  • Station to Station
  • Low
  • “Heroes”
  • Lodger
  • Scary Monsters
  • Let’s Dance
  • Tonight
  • Never Let Me Down
  • Black Tie
  • Buddha of Suburbia
  • Outside
  • Earthling
  • Hours
  • Heathen
  • Reality
  • The Next Day
  • Blackstar

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Side Two of Low is absolute perfection.

yeah, i’m more of a low side two man myself

Moss Garden is incredible aye