What's the best thing to have on toilet doors?


Given the current debate about how trans people are being banned from public toilets that they’d prefer to use, what’s the current thinking on how they should be labelled? Ladies and gents? Men and Women? Saw some shit going down on Twitter for this charmer…

What are the worst ones you’ve seen?


coat hooks are quite handy




Bristol Stool Chart


Fixed it.


It’s weird how in some scenarios unisex toilets are perfectly fine, yet in others they’re an absolutely dreadful idea, eh?

The worst ones i’ve seen used a section of a circle to suggest a Lynne from Partridge-style pointy penis, and the remainder of said circle on the other door, assumedly to represent a gaping vagina. Perhaps they were trying to make a much more subtle statement than that about how women are both more important than and complete men, but i’d had about seven pints of Tyskie.


And a little spreadsheet for you to add your data.


That sounds quite confusing.

I went to a Burger King once that had a full screen print of Clint Eastwood on one door and Marylin Monroe on the other.


is it Meatliquor that has the separate chicks and dicks labels?


As long as it doesn’t reference the actual genitalia, and if unisex toilets are not viable, then I think the standard doors are ok - not necessarily ideal, but it’s pretty difficult. It’s about how you identify innit? Problem is people being terrible.


ol’ ma balonz’s phone number


should have used marilyn monroe and marion morrison


There’s a pub just out the way round here (countryside) that has stags/does or something similar with the m/f names for deer/hares/rabbits/whatever it is. Quite amusing seeing people walk up then get confused, shrug and guess.


this bar called stereo in glasgow has a general unisex vestibule leading to individual cubicles and the cubicles are split into male female (sexed? idk)

always wonder why.


See to me both of those say ‘come in’


Bit of a minefield but pretty clear the system we have now is quite outdated and doesn’t work great. Replace urinals with cubicles and have them all be unisex is my guess.


Yeah, in the long run that seems the most sensible option.


One of my least favourite modern trends are these ‘quirky’ insignia on pub toilets. Different pictures and all that carry on. Look, I’m drunk and I need a piss and I haven’t got time to decipher them alright??


a picture of a toilet (and possibly a spectrum) on the outside and a hanger on the inside


The one in the OP goes beyond “quirky” though, right? It’s just bullshit and pretty offensive.