What's the best thing to have on toilet doors?


coat hook hung on the hook bog door


Oh of course - it’s rotten. Thing that’s irking me most is how unfunny it is.


Womens & Unisex probably


I dunno, whenever I’ve been to places with unisex bathrooms they’ve always been a state, usually with wee all over the floor and men standing pissing with the cubicle door open (I guess because there’s no urinals). The best option I’ve seen is separate gents/ladies/unisex bathrooms


In my experience (from shared bathroom facilities at university etc, speaking to cleaners etc), women leave the bathroom in no better state than men.


probably less likely to pee with the door open though.

I think it also comes down to the establishment recognising their situation/clientele. Unisex toilets, unisex self contained cubicles (or at least sink area) etc in a nice restaurant, hotel etc might work, but try and do it in Oceana and it would be horrendous and chaos.


Yeah, very true.


bit underappreciated this post I feel.


Last week at a work event I spent 15 minutes in the male toilet queue because some dickhead at my work told me it was a unisex toilet.


Flabbergasted nobody has yet to reply with that Limmy video.


I’d rather there was a gents/ladies/unisex option than what we have currently for sure. Not sure if that segregation prolongs the misguided perception by some that not all points on the gender spectrum are equal. I don’t know, and being someone who is never going to have a problem with toilets in my life, I doubt I’ll be the one to find the answer!

It’s absolute fucking madness. The things humanity has achieved but we haven’t got pissing right yet.