What's the best thing you ever learnt from DiS?

Learning that TheoGB is actually Theo’s name and not Great Britain is the best thing I ever learnt on here and makes me happy even to this day.


don’t care if this thread has no legs I just wanted to remember how great this is

Erm, lots of things

I learned the singer of the band Rhye was a man after spending months presuming they were a woman…

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used to think the guy from Turin Brakes was a woman for a while many years ago.

Arrow in the fed ex logo and that there are actually two winters


Birds don’t have teeth

Dogs can’t look up

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pee is stored in a sack behind the balls

Female cows aren’t just the black and white ones and all other cows aren’t just male cows

That the dial essential cranks up the power.

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aw that’s a lovely misconception!

That Edinburgh is closer to New Zealand than it is to London.


also how come some people on here know everything?

Seems like hard work

Marckee just uses google


reckon if it was possible to record all the facts we know, Markee and TheWza would know somewhere between ten and twenty times as many things as me.

I know it’s a joke on here, but I rarely do. Sometimes to check a reference or something, but that’s it really.

I just love to read stuff I’ve never read before.

He’s just, like, really smart.


Baked beans----->upside down—>pour


Wait what? Are meths and Aimee related? Does @1101010 actually have the surname GB? V behind

I don’t think meths is related to Aimee Mann. He’s never said…