What's the best thing you've smelled today?


There’s a coffee and walnut cake in the office kitchen that smells pretty, pretty good.


One of the corridors between here and the canteen has stunk of fish for the last few days.

So not that…


my wife’s hair (kill me now)

seriously though she has changed conditioner and it’s lush


i’m drinking some jasmine green tea at the moment which smells nice :slight_smile:


I prefer Body Shop myself.


They’re relaying some tarmac nearby. Incredible.


that’s a really good smell

also, as a cyclist, smooth, freshly laid tarmac is like a gift from the gods (until it gets wet)


Pizza bread and pheromones.


I’d get the food health people onto wherever you got that, pronto.


They’re fresh, it’s a-okay! :ok_hand:


Smelt some creosote on the way to work



This thread!


Whatever they were smoking in a car that drove past as I waited to cross the road.


Calamine lotion (daughter now has the 'pox)




*The Tropics


They’re resurfacing outside the office - so, tarmac


I smelt (smelled? Am I American or English?!) some £150 truffles in Borough Market earlier, wasn’t overly impressed tbh tbf


I recently learned that spelt, learnt and smelt are not words. Feel free to say them out loud, mind.


I’m sure you can smelt metal can’t you?