What's the best value fruit?


probably a kiwi innit

maybe 15-20p each. full of good shit. you can eat the whole thing. easy





For me, it’s the banana. Even if you eat 8 you have only spent a pound.


Punnet of Aldi strawberries. £1.30-ish and absolutely delicious.


Blackberries are free!


Another vote for Davidoff cool banana. Carrots are pretty good too but only available in one kilo bags in my local tespress which is a fucking crock


<carrot isn’t a vegetable you prick>




best value in terms of nutrient density would be the avocado



I get banana rage sometimes. Say I’m only at work one day that week and it’s not the day we get free fruit, and I want a single banana. Well some small supermarkets in London charge bananas per item rather than per weight. So sometimes I could be paying about 60p for a very small banana because thats all thats on offer in bananas that day. Sometimes I could pay 60p for a very large banana. I’d rather pay by weight but sometimes you just don’t have that option balonz.


I know mate! Basically forcing me to make soup/dip some carrots in houmous/buy them elsewhere! Still very cheap though


I saw that i


Avocados are way too high risk to be good value.

You pay like £2 for a pack of 2 “perfectly ripe” avocados and you’ve got to throw one away cause some idiot has thumbed the hell out of it before you got to it.