What's the best vegetable for throwing?



By best I mean which one could you chuck the furthest.

My heart tells me it’s the turnip, though I wonder if a courgette of moderate length with a decent girth might be quite good too.


Brussel Sprout


The humble spud has to be in with a shout.


Reckon I could launch an onion a fair fucking way


maybe a bunch of carrots. hold them by the end, spin round like throwing a hammer. whoosh.




Top 3, no doubt.


Red? Generally slightly smaller, so maybe a better grip?


I’d go onion


Good call that, yeah, I’d go for a red


Giant asparagus spear


That’s my courgette logic.



Hold it by the ‘hair’, spin and launch. Reckon I could get it around 550m.


Probably too flaccid to fly really well, but might be worth a go.


This, it’s got to be an onion, pretty much ball shaped


Just about to head to work (pub/restaurant), I’ll experiment!


The woody bit at the bottom is still intact meaning it has a good rigid structure. Jan Zelezny that badboy.


Layered though, which would no doubt introduce some air resistance.


You can get a vicious spin on a courgette



Got the weight and the carrotty hair thing