What's the biggest age difference you have between you and a friend?

A proper friend as well, not just a neighbour or that man you sometimes speak to at the post office.

I have a friend (45) who’s almost double my age (23). We work together, but we will often go out to bars and I will sometimes go to his country house for a weekend. We are on a fairly similar level at work, so it doesn’t really feel that weird in terms of superiority. Without wanting to sound patronising, I have found the whole thing quite valuable.

Think some of the Netrunner #lads are ten years younger than me. Also reckon a couple are pushing ten years older than me, so it’s FINE.

I’m friends with an old lady called Carol, dunno how old she is, seventy something I think.

Ant, If you were real friends, you’d know how old she is.

Do you feel like you pass on any knowledge/ life experience to them?

I’m 27 and I have a friend who’s 64/65. We met through a mentoring scheme and when it finished we stayed in touch via email and sometimes see each other at industry events. When we met in person for the first time it turned out we liked a lot of the same music and ended up seeing the Replacements together on their last tour.


Got a couple of mates who are 10 years older.

I don’t have any friends who are more than 4 years younger I don’t think.

About Netrunner? Sure. They don’t listen to me about anything else.

does jesus count


My mate Marc is turning 40 this year so that’s a 9 year age gap. Top lad, moving to Margate soon (another one).

It’s great the younger generation are able to pass on their tech knowhow

friends with a woman who is about…60ish (I’ve never asked?!). So like 30 years
Met her through work and she used to do things like open her payslip and say “How can they do this to us?!” and throw it on the floor and would see me eating something with raw onion and scowel and say “you must kill it with fire!”. So obviously stayed friends with her


Umm… I have a few friends who are 41 or 2… so 10 years!

It would be rude to ask IMO.

Didn’t know you were 12.


When I used to live in Edinburgh, and was ever feeling a bit miserable I used to pop along to the Chambers Street museum, and visit the statue of the blue whale that hung there, and came to regard it as a friend, it would have been about 170 at the time.

They took it down a while ago though and replaced it with a stupid t-rex or something, I don’t know what happened to it. They won’t answer my letters.


UGGGGH you are so tiresome.

I love it :kissing_heart: :

This was an attempted doing. I was implying that the 71 year old was passing tech knowhow to you, the next generation up, as you didn’t specify how old you were. Fluffed opportunity.

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I though her name was Carol?!!