What's the biggest blue number you've got on here?

I’ve got a 234 on the Brexit thread

247 on the cycling thread, would’ve been even bigger but I went in there a week or so ago.

somebody must have a good 500 or 600 on that thread though

How do you get the blue number? Do you have to like something in the thread, or enter the thread, or comment?

507 grey, 147 blue

474 on that shambles

Cycling, always the cycling.

Honourable mention to the Validate my clothes and face thread.


If you’ve never clicked on a thread you don’t get a blue number. The cycling thread is on 777 posts, all unread.

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What’s the difference between a blue number, and a grey one?

When on my phone I click on the social thing on the threads below… Have clicked into the cycling thread accidentally more than once.

I went into it once thinking it was probably some kind of front and that they can’t just be talking about bikes and routes in there. I won’t make that mistake again.


Saving this for a rainy day…

i had 400-odd on the brexit one too

this one:


Oooo… that’s clever.

(the website, and you, for working it out)