What's the biggest book you own?

Probably these for me

Or one of the Nigella cookbooks maybe.




So unnecessarily big

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Probably my undergraduate textbooks, big bastards they are, and I only still have them because I spent £50 on each one and biology books don’t age well so no point selling


Probably that enormous Mexico cookbook everyone has.

Also have a copy of Les Miserables knocking about I’ve never read, that’s fucking huge.

does it fit in a letterbox?

Got this fucking massive astronomy book.

Fiction wise can’t remember if 2666 is bigger than Infinite Jest but I’m a bearded guy in my 30s so I obviously have both.


Might need some other items for scale in some of these pics

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Used to study these obsessively during my peak movie nerd phase, would get the new editions as they came out. 1999 is the year my 1st child was born, plus the point the internet presumably made books like this obsolete. With hindsight the amount of time I spent looking at these is interesting :thinking:

Kept these for old times sake (and propping up the front wheel on the bike when I’m using the turbo trainer, although I never use that anymore)

Does building stories count?

Got my brother the Chris ware Monograph for Christmas one year and its like the size of a tabletop. Ridiculous

Dantes divine comedy with the illustrations by Gustav Dore.
looks ace. is reasonably big.

hard to find a picture online with any sort of scale for it’s size, but it’s really quite silly


I own an original hardback copy of Women And Men, the third-longest single-volume novel (at first publication, I’m sure I’ve seen single-volume copies of Clarissa)

And this is all of the component parts of Building Stories, if it counts.
Chris Ware is really good imo


What exactly is this please? Looks awesome.



In terms of height and width it’s a Bourdin photobook.

In terms of thickness it’s I think a symbology book

A box full of little graphic novels, posters, etc. that make up a few interweaving narratives. And there’s no instruction for which order you read them all in so every reader kind of unpacks it in a different way depending on the order you read them. It’s really good as a piece of storytelling as well as being an absolutely astonishing technical achievement. Just an incredible amount of attention to detail in everything in it