what's the biggest cultural thing you managed to completely miss?

there is a reviewer of the new tetris movie who claims to have never heard of Tetris, which boggles my mind. it’s the best video game of all time.

for me i think it’d be jim morrison or the eagles. totally blind to them until my total ignorance was shown up on these here boards.


I know Dua Lipa is a solo pop star, but couldn’t tell you one thing about her or her music


Fucking loads. I’ve always been resistant to most trends, even as a child.

EDIT - maybe misread the question.

Yeah loads of classic rock. Reckon there’s about ten albums I like / can be bothered with made before 1980 and most of them are either Springsteen or CCR.

Had never heard of Fred Again until the discourse started on here but apparently he’s massive.

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Absolutely fine to not care about this stuff anyway, there’s plenty of culture out there to consume, everyone should find stuff they’re excited about rather than feeling they have to have an opinion on xyz


Yeah any ‘big’ artist or song now really. Had a brief listen to that Glass animals song that has over 2billion streams and had never heard of it before.

Also probably whatever YouTubers are big now, avoid that completely

Wasn’t allowed to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a kid




Reminds me I wasn’t allowed to watch ITV when I was little so I have massive blank spots about all their kids programming.

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Miley Cyrus has been number one for seven weeks, but I don’t even know what the song’s called, let alone what it sounds like. Wasn’t there an absolutely massive Drake song a year or two back that was an absolute phenomenon too - number one for months - that passed most of us by?

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Yeah, I wasn’t allowed to watch basically anything tbh. Missed out on The Simpsons until I could watch it round mates’ houses.

My parents used to record Mr Bean on VHS and then watch it to make sure it was appropriate for us to watch. Mr fucking Bean!


The Hotelier

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They didn’t want you rigging up a ludicrous contraption to drive a car, understandable


Lots of current pop music, but then I’m 39. It’s not meant for me.

The weirdest most specific one I can think of is…

…Jennifer Lopez.

I vaguely knew her music and that she was popular but I had no idea what she looked like or what she could look like until a few years ago when I watched Out of Sight.

are you kai rooney?

Andrew Tate.



think that’s fair enough, not all of them would be suitable depending on how old you were, such as that episode where mr bean fucks


yeah, that’s an easy one though if you only need to check in tbh