what's the biggest cultural thing you managed to completely miss?

yeah, the dribbling over transfomers, thundercats, captain planet, all just passes me by

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I wasn’t allowed to watch Power Rangers or wrestling because of violence. TMNT and superheroes were fine though and arguably ruined my life so maybe my parents had a point.

I didn’t watch any Game of Thrones until the year before the finale and was completely unaware of most big-hype video games until relatively recently. I didn’t know what God of War was until the reboot came out and suddenly all my friends had Big Opinions.

‘Mr. Bean, the anilingus years’ was always a festive tradition at our house


The YouTuber lot who suddenly are all boxers. Sidemen? KSL? Logan Paul? Or streamers… they’re all massive but like… nah mate.


I know who some of these people are but only from watching other YouTubers who make fun of their grifts, eg


Any superhero movies/franchise pass me by.

Also youtubers.

TikTok influencers too

Breaking Bad being a huge deal too. Never seen it.


Pokémon. I’m the right age and demographic for it but it kind of passed me by until Pokémon Go. I’ve played various games in the series now, but way behind the curve.

Actually Zelda games for the most part, too.

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^yeah, I have no idea what songs have been number 1 or even in the charts for about a decade - pretty much since streaming started to get factored in to the calculations.

I know most of the songs that do well, but the concept of how it’s performed in the charts has lost all meaning to me.


I work in social media but have no idea how to use it. Just seems so obnoxious and loud.

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Growing up maybe wrestling and south park were two things a lot of people seemed to watch that I had no idea or awareness about. Still never watched wrestling and think I first saw south park at uni.

assumed that thread was talking about a Fred who had done something again.


Pretty much everything outside of the UK / US cultural bubbles

American TV series that were never, or barely, on terrestrial/freeview eg

Breaking Bad
The Wire
Boardwalk Empire
Game Of Thrones

I kind of have a vague idea of what’s involved, but part of the excitement for me is watching while everyone else is watching a programme too. Going back and catching up never appeals as much.

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good film


dunno to be fair, probably loads but ive just missed them

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Yeah, same. Never played a Zelda game.

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I have no idea about current football.

I think Arsenal are at the top of the league, and this is unusual? Saka plays for them, I remember him from the World Cup.

A big Norwegian lad plays for Man City, he’s quite good.

That’s about it, couldn’t really tell you any other players, managers or performance as it stands.


I play that Heardle game everyday despite only getting one in ten, if that. A lot of the time I haven’t even heard of the artist let alone know the song



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Nothing passes me by. I’m familiar with all the cultural things.