what's the biggest cultural thing you managed to completely miss?

I like games a lot but a lot of the online gaming stuff is a total mystery to me. All those games people refer to just as their acronyms as if they’re immediately well known (what does DOTA stand for?) and your Forty Nights and your Meeper Morpers and your what have youse

Mr Beast can fuck off as well with his weird face


never watched star wars or indiana jones as a kid. watched the new ones in the cinema, but didn’t really care about them or anything.


Yeah Indiana Jones is one for me too. Not my mum & dad’s thing so never saw them as a kid and completely unbothered by it as a grown up. I’ve only ever seen the original three Star Warses, they’re fine.


same with the beatles. my mum’s family are scouse too. my nan’s the same age as the beatles but hated them lol.

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Oh also, Harry Potter. Never read any of the books or seen the films, and JKR has since ensured that I absolutely never will.


Same here!

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Same, no idea

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Every time Southgate names an England squad there is a least three players who I’ve never heard of and I feel I’m pretty up to date on the game of football.

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All reality tv. Got rid of my tv and about two weeks later the first series of Big Brother started so had absolutely no idea what anyone was on about.

The Spice Girls. Wasn’t in the UK at the time so totally missed the whole thing.

+1 for anything to do with video games. Anything post zx spectrum is an utter mystery to me.

Anything superhero/comic book related beyond your most basic 1st iteration of Superman and Spiderman .

Successful chart music post about 1990 at the latest.

Tic Toc and a billion other internet related things. Still not sure I understand memes as a concept tbh.

So pretty much everything really.

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monty python.

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Solid grandadding here


Not familiar with those bands I’m afraid?


I looked up John Goldman and I think he’s a professor or something, reckon most people wouldn’t have heard of him. Not really a celeb!

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Not today, satan


Yeah, One Dance. Was UK number 1 for 15 weeks in the sinister summer of 2016 and would have equalled Bryan Adams’ record but got toppled at the last minute by the new one from Justin Bieber. Canada will eat itself.

kony 2012


Never used ebay.

Never played Pokemon.

Most reality TV (never watched pop idol, X factor, dancing on ice, gogglebox, Britain’s got talent, I’m a celebrity…)

Never had an umbrella.


Elden Ring.

What’s Elden Ring?


Ironically, it used to stand for Defence of the Ancients back when it was a fan made mod for Warcraft III, but it literally became Dota when they released Dota 2.

One of those funny things that Blizzard owned it