what's the biggest cultural thing you managed to completely miss?

Not too bad. What’s Elden Ring with you?

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Snapchat, heard of it obviously but never been part of it.

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Always just assumed it was something to do with this and never bothered to find out how wrong I was


You got today’s though, right?

Biggest cultural thing I managed to miss is ”having a career”


Within 0.1 seconds

Pokemon is a good shout. I think I am maybe a couple of years too old to have really been caught up by it although I have a feeling it was bigger in the US than in the UK initially but maybe I’m wrong.

It was definitely big here if you were the right age. Even if you didn’t have a Gameboy, once the cartoon was on SMTV every Saturday and shops started selling Pokémon cards, it was massive.

Typically DiS answer - Facebook. Both me and wife the right age when it exploded in popularity with the then youth but neither of us could be bothered. Used to actually enrage some friends and family as we were always the non Facebook wankers who had to be reached using smoke signals and whatnot, though I think most of them have fallen off it now and just have WhatsApp which we do use.

Actually joined Facebook briefly a couple of years ago to read nice comments written by ex pupils and colleagues of my mums after she died but was a weird experience, so deleted account soon after

I think this counts as cultural but 9/11… or at least the shared cultural experience of the day, the news breaking and watching when the second plane hit etc. I was camping with friends in France and I’m guessing we must have had mobile phones with us but would have had no way of charging them. Didnt hear anything until we flew home maybe three or four days after. It seems a different world now that we could go completely off-grid like that and it felt normal and fine and our parents didnt freak out.


This is a powerful flex