What's the biggest fine you've ever racked up?

And what was it for? Were you very naughty or just being mischevious?

Partly inspired by that plum who argued against his speeding fine, partly inspired by my current library fine.

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I think the only fine I’ve ever had was a parking fine, for parking in a back street in Purley after 9pm on a Sunday night. Other than that, no speeding fines or other parking fines. Maybe some library fines when I was younger.

Speeding. 100 shitbags and a speeding awareness course

2 or 3 parking fines, 1 speeding fine. Think they were £35 each.

95 quids and half a day in Rotherham for pulling into the exit of waitrose car park right in front of some oink

£80 for being arrested at my college prom

Something lame like 60 quid for a parking ticket a tradesman got?

Not mischievous. And never, ever “mischevious”.

more details plz

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£30 on various occasions for being caught taking a pish in the lanes around the art school

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I am a spod


I’d parked in a commercial bay with my residential license. Racked up 8 parking tickets, but someone had been removing them from my car so had no idea £60 a go I think but managed to haggle it down to 4 tickets I think. I was a very angry person and the process took ages

And because every thread is better with polls -
Guess how much my library fine is?

  • Less than £5
  • More than £5 but less than £10
  • £10 or more
  • More than £15 but less than £20
  • £20 or more
  • £25 or more
  • £30

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Bonus point and a special prize for anyone who guesses the exact figure.

@avwry you’re not allowed to guess


not sure if it’s a fine, and I’ve told this story on here a number of times, but I’m not one to care about repetition. I got a CCJ 15 years ago for not paying back almost £900 of housing benefit. In my defence, I had told them to stop paying it, and didn’t realise they’d continued, as I never check my balance, for reasons, and as per my telling them to stop paying me, I’d moved away from the house where they sent all the correspondence requesting the money back, reminding me they’d requested the money back, requesting my presence for a hearing, telling me they’d held a hearing in my absence and telling me I’d been given a CCJ. When I found out, I did what any sensible person would do. I transferred to total overpayed amount to the (unintentionally) wrong department of Bristol City Council and wrote to someone explaining the situation. shockingly, they council managed to move the money to the correct department, and they took pity on me, apparently overturning the CCJ.

Other than that, I’ve had a couple of parking tickets and I believe someone racked up a fine on my library card a few times, without telling me.

Jesus, how overdue are those books?

How overdue is YOUR FACE


£30 for being one zone out on my travelcard, pre-oyster (my destination changed mid-journey and I assumed I could pay the extra when I got there but the jobsworth fined me)

very overdue some serious smooches, imho.


I hope you learned your lesson.