What's the biggest fine you've ever racked up?

13p out! Knowing is prize enough.

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That’s ridiculous! That shit should be illegal :rage:

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wtf they took you to court for using someone elses oyster card?

I missed JBs post first time around but this happened to one of my best friends, caused her half a year or so of stress and anxiety, it was awful.

Yes :sob: it was tfl, I’d paid the on the spot fine at the time as well and still got summons

Sorry to hear that, yes its horrible, i know you’re not supposed to use other’s cards but tfl are harsh

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They never seem to bother charging the fines in Glasgow libraries.

50€ for not validating my train ticket heading out of Rome. Had no idea I had to validate it as I’ve travelled round Italy by train before and never had to do so. Apparently it’s a regional thing, said the guard, not wanting to issue me with a fine but ‘I’ve got to do my job’.

£30 for driving like 50 meters in a bus lane.

Quite a light sentence for bus theft.


jfc what a bunch of jobsworth bastards


€250, in the form of a new iPod Touch, for losing an iPod Touch that belonged to my uni

Got “Sorry xx” engraved on the replacement


I had an £80 fine for driving down a bus lane barely any longer than the length of my car in Bath accidentally. Took it on the chin to get the quick response discount.

Idk, just various ones over the years below £50 for late payment of bills and suchlike, I don’t have a very glamorous fine game. When I think back on all the far dodging and printing off fake bus tickets I used to do as a youth tho, makes my head spin, I’m lucky I was never caught. Would’ve been fucked up if they got me tho, I was dodging because I had no money, so they’d be punishing me for having no money by making me have even less money.