What's the biggest room you've been in on your own?

The entire first floor of our office is currently empty, and while walking through it this morning I realised it’s probably the biggest room I’ve been in without any other people. But what, friends, is the biggest room you’ve been in on your own?

Probably a church of some sort, releasing the carnal demons of my soul into the spires or just setting up amps for some ill advised gig.


This is a very good question- are we counting warehouse etc?

We are!

Probably St Andrew’s Hall in Norwich. Many times in there on my own, usually when locking it up.


Ok then, some big rooms I’ve been in include:

  • St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, that’s pretty massive
  • an indoor football hall that was the size of two normal pitches
  • I once went to a battery egg farm and the warehouse they had the chickens in was humongous

Totally didn’t read the OP, obviously I wasn’t on my own for any of these :woman_shrugging:


Dunno actually

Probably one in my memory palace


Tesco warehouse
Airport departure check-in area

Spent quite a few nights completely alone in big hotels up mountains , the shining style.

Sometimes at work everyone goes home before me, so probably that.

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Were you on your own though, or do the chickens count as company?

Probably an indoor tennis hall that had 10 courts under one roof. Very large.

Really looking forward to aboynamedgoo announcing that his biggest room is his library or one of his atria.

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That’s no way to talk about the Swiss Guard.

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Oh yeah balonz’s memory palace

Didn’t read the OP :woman_shrugging:

philosophical problems of our day


what counted as company first?

What is the biggest room in the world?

The room for improvement


Fortunately I was out at the time