What's The Cheapest Thing?

What’s the cheapest thing to have, say, 1kg of, or a bucket full?

“Air” excluded for being a silly answer. Lid can be prodived for said bucket.

Stones, they’re free.

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But if you bought a bucket full of sand/stones, how much would you expect to pay?

(In the ridiculous scenario of you needing a bucket of sand and unable to procure one)

It’s onions. Everything is onions.


1 x penny chew

EDIT: I have not read the OP.

Phew, thanks for pointing that out mate. See my original post.

Now establishing “bucket full” as the standard unit for this post. Just your bog standard 14 litre bucket, 99p at B&Q kinda bucket.

If B&Q are doing 2 for 1 on buckets then my answer would be “a bucket”.


10/10 my friend.


talk is cheap

who was the bloke who’s m4 bought 100 doors for a tenner or something and in the end had to offer the doors for free to whoever came round his place.

Thought that was the best lunch deal ever for a minute there


Actually oats are pretty cheap by the weight

How much would you expect to pay for a bucket of oats?

is it not illegal to take sand from the beach?

Water, and I mean tap water not the bottled stuff.

My mum buys loads of bottled water, it always seems a total waste of money.

Oh what and the bags that they fill with the stolen sand are just free are they? DREAMER


When you sew it up but you still see the tear

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Bored enough to work this out, based on Southern’s rates of ~£1.54 per cubic metre, its 2.464 pence to fill my bucket.


What can Ruffers always pull out of his arse if needed?


Seems to work as a rule.