What's the closest you've come to death?

Your cable car story reminds me…

Few years ago was getting off a chairlift whilst snowboarding. If you’ve snowboarded you’ll know how such lifts are just not designed for snowboarders at all. I stumbled getting off the lift, which had slowed right down to let people on and off. I fell to my knees leaving the board facing upwards. The chair behind came through and jammed against my board (which was still attached to my legs) I couldn’t move and the lift was moving forward, kind of scraping against my board and wedging against it. The people operating the lift were chatting and not paying attention and I had to scream at them to stop the lift. A few seconds more and my legs would’ve been snapped in two. Probably wouldn’t have died though.

Had a few scrapes which could have resulted in more serious, if not life ending injury but thankfully didn’t (knocked off bike etc). I think my “favourite” ones were

  • I used to take my then girlfriends little brother to the beach when she was at work. He was in a rubber dinghy and I was swimming alongside one afternoon when we were all of a sudden sucked out to sea on a stupidly intense rip tide (there were warnings dotted about, but this sucka seemed to come out of nowhere). We were out there for what seemed like an age, I tried swimming us in, but obviously this didn’t work. Could feel myself getting sucked under, I was clinging onto the dinghy with a sobbing 12 year old in tow). The life guard eventually rescued us, but it was a veeeeeery tense episode.
  • Me and the missus went on our honeymoon to Sorento. Beautiful place. The Hotel we were staying at was only a 45 minute walk from the centre (so said the sat nav), so when we arrived we thought we’d have a go and walk. Turns out this was inaccurate, and we ended up scaling a not insignificant hillside that started out as a pathway, but soon became a sheer drop. I was back against the wall, “Indiana Jones”-ing my way across what was once upon a time possibly a walkway but now a teensy ledge that started crumbling away when I was halfway across. I had to dive across to safety. Had I fell, I would have deffo been a goner

Do hangovers count?

  • When I was about 6, a rusty metal garden slide fell with it’s full weight on me, leaving me with a scar right above my eye that on my adult head is about four inches long. A centimetre lower and it could have been an altogether different outcome
  • Appendix burst when I was about 11. My mum thought I was faking illness because I didn’t like the supply teacher at school so put off doing anything
  • Passenger in a car accident driving back from Stanstead Airport when I was about 30. The car came off the road and slid on a muddy back into an advertising hording, which smashed through the windscreen stopping where my head would have been if I hadn’t leant to the side. That was one of those real everything-feels-like-it’s-happening-in-slow-motion moments, where it was actually seconds.

Come on. This is DiS. Surely some indie try hard has actually died and come back to life ?


Nearly drowned when I was 12. That wasn’t fun.

So how bad did she feel?

I’ve been the golden child who can do no wrong ever since :innocent:


Actually, I was halfway there to being that following her guilt about a slide falling on me a few years earlier. The appendix thing just sealed the deal.