What's the closest you've eaten some food to its source?


For example, have you had a bowl of cereal in a field of corn? Have you had a steak at a slaughterhouse? Have you drank a Frijj at a dairy farm?

Beer at a brewery doesn’t count


I’ve had crayfish at a lake that was full of crayfish and sardines on a boat where the sardines were caught.


Eating grapes off the vine on a vineyard in SA


Blackberries from the bush they grew on?




A place I worked had quails and we could take the eggs for free. I lived about 100 metres away.


Apple off a tree?


Sliced a rasher of bacon straight off the side of a live pig into the frying pan.


Ate a mars bar 34 million miles away from the planet mars


Peanut butter sandwich on jimmy carters sweet sweet peanut farm?


Egg in front of a chicken?


bread from the breadmaker


I literally put the sauce on the chips rather than near them, you can’t get closer than that surely?


drank some water straight out the tap


This wasn’t a very well thought out thread title, apologies all.


Loads of fruit and veg grown in my garden.

Produce from a local farmshop.


I can do one better - I just held out a cup in the rain once. Filled up in no time.


When camping in the front yard of a farm on an excavation, the person who owned the farm gave us some bacon from their pigs. so 1/4 of a mile?


Beer from a brewery


Pizza in pizza express