What's the closest you've eaten some food to its source?

Sucking the nectar from a fuchsia blossom in west Cork…

This honestly made my mouth water. I’m a bad human.

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A Swedish friend’s parents have a farm. We ate chicken for lunch that was previously clucking away just outside the farmhouse.

Had some pasta smothered in a pesto source

bilberries from their bush

Lincolnshire sausage in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Coke with ice in Iceland.

I was once in a bar in Italy, and the guy sold me a delicious Italian craft beer. I asked him where exactly it was from, and he led me to the window and pointed at the next village.

ate a leaf once

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“see that village? there’s a tesco metro”


There are quite a few pubs now that brew the beer in their own cellar. I’ve had a fair few over recent years.

A tomato next to some ketchup?

Also, wine in it’s own vineyard always tastes banging.

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Alright, Peaches

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Breastfeeding for most people, I’d imagine

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Seitan burger in hell

In Vietnam I went to a little homestead in the middle of nowhere and they let you catch your own chicken* before they killed it, perpared it and then grilled it for you. Was hands down the best chicken I’ve ever eaten. They also served it up with this spicy satay stuff from chillies grown on the farm too. And they had ice cold beers from a cooler.

*full disclosure we couldn’t catch the chicken so the farmers daughter caught one for us.

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also had a corn on the cob direct from its field


The bar has been raised.