What's the closest you've got to doing something before backing out?


Have you sat down in the barber’s chair before choosing not to have a haircut? Have you put 15 of your 16 card numbers in for an online purchase? Have you typed out a whole thread but abandoned ship?


Done that thing where we’ve sat in a restaurant and waited so long to get our menus that we just got up and walked out.




Ran out of a restaurant in les deux alpes cos it was weird


At what point during the dining experience was this?


Have sat down in a restaurant and left almost immediately about three times


Abandoned a post to those english mother fuckers in the football thread so wedded to squad numbers based on an archaic 442. In the end I just didn’t want to associate with those shits.


I quite frequently don’t go to penoid tournaments because I cba with getting up early enough/travelling that far/etc. I’ve made the decision on the morning quite often.

But once I got up early, ate, showered, walked 45 minutes to the train station, got my ticket to Stevenage, went through the ticket barrier, got on the train, and then decided I couldn’t be arsed and got off the train and went home.


Really hope it was the same restaurant


That is weird.


On the same night


I could name the restaurants if you want but I don’t think it would be that interesting


About three times or three times exactly? Reply properly or not at all, Ant


It’s four





Was the train moving at all?


Might have been wobbling a bit, but it hadn’t set off.


Once went to work but pulled a sickie upon approaching reception


Sat in my parents car underneath the Finnieston Crane for about half an hour as I was supposed to be abseiling down it for charity when I was 18. Was sooo hungover eventually I was like ‘nah this isn’t happening’ and we went home.