What's the closest you've got to doing something before backing out?


Once walked to a seminar, saw through the window that my mate / social crutch wasn’t there so turned around and went home


when i first went to uni i got a haircut. got back to halls and they’d left it all long at the back, i looked like karen o. tried to cut it a bit myself but made a dogs dinner of it. gf came up to see me at the wknd and sorted it out, went and got it cut round the corner from her place in manchester after that


Yep. Back when I had long hair. Told them very clearly to take quite a bit off the back, and not much off the front and they did the opposite. Ended up with a mullet, basically. Had to try and even it up by cutting the back once I got home. Still looked dreadful, obviously.


Placed a best offer bid on some wireless bose headphones I couldn’t afford

As soon as I pressed confirm I spent the next 10 hours or so hoping it would be rejected.

Luckily it was

Great story bro.


Psyched myself up to ask someone out for s coupla weeks. Then didn’t


By which I mean the psyching up was two weeks, I wasn’t going to paulstretch the proposition of a date


Was supposed to start a new job after six months of blissfully solvent redundancy.

Arrived at the site - a hospital in West Dunbartonshire - on Monday morning. Walked through the main door. Walked back out, rang up and told them I’d had a better offer.

No brain surgery that day.