What's the deal with canal barges?

If I wanted to hire a barge and canal around a bit, can I?? Or do I need to do a barge exam?

How hard is it??

I’d love a go on a barge.

Always fancied living on a barge.

Nothing further to add.

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Hire one, no driving test or education required. It’s fun.


Your have to pass the bar(ge) ahahahahaga

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Everyone can have a go, but the important thing is to prepare ahead of time, take things slowly, and above all to try to stay relaxed.


Fucking hell

Sorry, misread the thread title.


probably still works?

Narrowboats pal. No license, you can (or at least could) drink and steer. It’s pretty easy, and pretty relaxing.

Not sure if you’re aware, but Birmingham has more miles of canals than Venice.

I’ve been watching a lot of ‘my floating home’ on more recently.

That sounds life actual literal hardcore filthy in-out pornography to an absolute barge-o-phile like me.

I have to say, it’s not the most dramatic TV ever produced.

Yeah… but you should probably know a bit about it first. Navigating locks for the first time for instance can be tricky. And plus you don’t want to ruin it for everyone else who actually knows what they’re doing. Mooring takes a bit of practice. Need to make sure you know what your doing with fenders etc.

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Pull up to my fender, baby
In your big black narrowboat

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I think you can just get in and figure it out. You’re only going 5 mph so what’s the worst that can happen?

(definitive advice)

Theres a bit in my floating home where they have to sail a barge from Holland to London across the channel/North Sea and that seems mental

Highlight was when he did a (very slow) U-ee in the Thames in the middle of the Thames near Tower Bridge. Edge. Of. Your. Seat.


That’s the advice you give when trying anal sex!!!