What's the difference between the blue and the grey dots


Something about my body

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  • grey gutter request



I can’t even see any grey or blue dots


Ten views and no replies. The people on this forum are a bunch of cunts (apart from thewarn whose reply (although useless) came up while I was typing).

And the pocs! Hi


Hi Lonzy, how do you feel about the new place so far?



Nope, don’t think I’ve got those


I think it is good. People who don’t accept upgrades and shit are dicks. You must get them in your game all the time.


Pfft, tell me about it mate!


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D o Mat japes?

no thank you


Ooooh, you can do headings.

Carry on.

I have no input on the dots at this moment in time.





Ant mate, calm down


Wait, what! I didn’t say that!



People always say I have great calves, I think mine would be more attractive than Theo’s


blue is unread new posts, grey is unread old posts

what makes a post old or new? idk

I assume it’s where you’ve been in the thread but not read that particular reply