What's the dis branch of the vegetarian mafia got to say about this then?

(haven’t read the article)

what the fuck

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For every fiver you don’t eat, I’ll eat two.


I’m not a vegetarian but it is a bit weird.

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I’m not a vegetarian, but I don’t get why they’d do this. Same applies with gelatin in sweets - surely there’s a cheap-ish alternative that doesn’t involve animal products?


my guess is they didn’t even realise/think to check:

“There is a trace of tallow in the polymer pellets used in the base substrate of the polymer £5 notes,”

ie they just buy the pellets, which afterall only contain a “trace” (is that a quantifiable term in any way?)

I was recenetly fed some jelly worms by a vegetarian co-worker which used some sort of gelatin replacement. They were actually delicious.

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This is an outrage!!!

I will have to start bartering immediately!

Don’t loads of everyday items made from polymers contain traces of animal parts?

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Even vegetarians can’t resist the smell of a fiver.

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erm, vegetable gelatin?

only reason most sweets aren’t veggie is because real gelatine costs pennies.

by law they have to state that now, though. covers them in case someone dies from purchasing something that was made in the same factory as something nutty.

doesn’t cover banknotes.

The “may contain peanuts” but actually doesn’t, but if you die you can’t sue us now?

That’s a bit shit. Can’t think of how I can cut fivers out of my day-to-day life though!

Well, a synthetic non-animal-related alternative, obvs. Put it this way: 500g of quorn mince is roughly the same cost as 500g of decent steak mince. Just amazed that we haven’t advanced to a point where gelatin has been replaced by something vegetarian.

If it were down to me, I wouldn’t allow it.


it’s just wheat and soy flour, of course it’s cheap.

Agar agar does a good job, and places like M&S seem to be transferring to using it, but I guess it doesn’t come in at pennies as a slaughterhouse byproduct.


good luck with the risk taking x

And giant horrifying fungi grown in a huge vat of course.