What's the earliest in the day you've been pissed?

Probably about 9.30. off to a rugby final at Twickenham. Met at a mate’s house at 6.30am, had some beers with breakfast, then run afterwards. Got on the train with more beer, and was not in a good state

Reading Festival 1994 (i.e. before it turned shit), 17 years old, caning scrumpy at 7am.

I’ve been drunk by 12pm before easily. Ended up at a late night screening of Harry Potter 7 Part 2 or something drinking red wine out of the bottle. didn’t realise there was a family two seats away from me with young children until about 3/4 of the way through the film. still the only Harry Potter film film i’ve ever seen. real low point

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Same here only in Stellenbosch.

12.01 am prob

Does waking up still drunk count?

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remember that world cup where England played early doors against brazil. that was fun.

this has nothing to do with this thread though

Have definitely sat on a 6 am train with a few supplies and automatically opened a can. Which becomes two… and by the time you roll into Waterloo, you’re four down, have only eaten Twiglets, and definitely well on the way to being shitfaced by 8 am :laughing:

and due in the office at 8.45

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decided to share a hipflask of whisk(e)y with my mate on an early train to a stag do a couple of years ago. we were clay pigeon shooting and riding quadbikes, but they didnt tell us not to drink beforehand. anyway ive done clay pigeon shooting before and was pretty good at it but i was seeing double by the time we’d had breakfast so didnt hit owt. before the quadbiking they were like, dont worry no ones ever rolled one of these, its not possible. i showed them


Quite fancy a beer now. Thanks a lot, DiS.


Dunno probably around 11am at a music festival.

Try not to drink before 12 as an adult, except maybe a single pint pre-travel if on a trip and meeting in the pub/airport or something.

In my first job I went in one day at 9am. They then immediately fired me. Then I went to the pub and had a pint.

I think that was justifiable.


One year at Truck Festival (still got some great polaroids of DiSers on the PiS somewhere), woke up one morning and went for a pee and wander around clearly with copious lagers still in the system. Found a stall selling Bloody Maries by the pint, but they called them something else. Smelled tomato, fancied a healthy soup breakfast, bought one. Absolutely wankered by about 8.05 am.

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Excluding times I’ve woken up still drunk, about 3pm when I was new-ish to drinking and had too many gin and dandelion and burdocks.

They paid you €50 just to leave the shop? Amazing.

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