What's the earliest point you've left a gig that you paid to attend?

A housemate won a couple of tickets to see Travis at Alexandra Palace in late 2003.

Kings of Leon were supporting and hadn’t yet released their debut so we were excited to see them.

Enjoyed KoL’s set and then left within a song or two of Travis starting their set, and had a fun rest of the night in a nearby pub instead.

Nothing massively against Travis - enjoyed The Man Who as a young teen and they had some decent singles after that time too, but it felt very Radio 2.

Good band but the show was… it just felt off

One of the most frustrating things specially when you watch your favorite band.

I don’t think I will leave early when this guys play.

Saw my mates band Bone Cult and they set off an alarm with their smoke machine after 20 seconds, if that counts.


Hahaha. That’s hilarious. Do they perform rock music?

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