What's the earliest thing you posted online that you can still find?


prompted by discovering an old livejournal account last week

i was a member of various music boards well before this but they’ve all either closed or i’ve deleted my accounts so can’t find the posts

“I’m going to become a hermit” posted on Jun. 17th, 2005|01:05 pm

post your emo myspace/f365 ramblings below…


Can’t find my old bebo account.

Thank fuck.


showing off yr sovvies in yr profile picture aye?


Nah, far wetter than that. Only thing I can remember is that for “Happiest when:” I put “smiling”.

What a fucking prick.


I wrote the top review for this Modest Mouse album: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Drive-Someone-Nothing-Think-About/dp/B00JVQ7PUC/ref=sr_1_7?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1479120858&sr=1-7&keywords=modest+mouse


This weekend was my 11th anniversary of joining Facebook.


I think I had the foresight to delete my MySpace page a couple of years ago.




will it not still show up on this? http://archive.org/web/


Thankfully not it seems!


i always forget it was only available to universities at first


A little bit cringey for two reasons but - I participated in a web chat with Elliott Smith when I was in uni (March 2000). The questions under “Elmo” (yikes) and under my own name are mine.


sesame street moniker aside that’s actually pretty cool!


Not just any universities! Special wanker universities!


Tried to find my earliest post on there but I forgot in the old days that you didn’t really post your own stuff, you posted on other people’s walls, so all that’s on there from the early days in people posting pictures of me and other shit.


Just had a look. There’s some stuff on a website I submitted bits to from back in 1997.



A web page entirely devoted to those with foolish and/or annoying faces or behaviour.

proto-DiS right there




There are a lot of ‘People who…’ entries in there.


get it posted on here