What's the easiest instrument to play?

Reckon it’s the triangle, or maybe the cowbell?


Keyboard. Just pre-programmed , press one button and you’re done


Trumpet. Only has 3 valves so can only play 3 notes.




I dunno, I’ve experienced great variability with this

It’s the drums, isn’t it?

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Bass guitar?

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It absolutely is not. The limb independence needed to play even the most rudimentary of beats… I have nothing but respect for anyone who can even passably play the drums.

(As a bassist) - very easy to achieve a level where you pass yourself off as ‘able’; incredibly difficult to achieve greatness. It’s basically a guitar with everything (size, string thickness, fret width, neck length) on the highest difficult setting,



Trying to think what would annoy more people. Reckon there are more guitarists on here but the drummers are probably angrier.



Are we still talking about skinflutes?


Those little cymbals which are tied together with a bit of string, piece of piss I reckon.

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Fork on back of plate ?

the voice I guess

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basic level of proficiency I’d say piano and guitar are pretty easy in different ways, piano is really easy for anybody to play without much pain, guitar takes a while but once you can strum and hold a chord it’s really easy.

Drums are one of the hardest instruments to play but the easiest to write for

violin etc probably take the most practice as they don’t have frets, but then once you learn you’re only really playing one note at a time right?

as VSTs are getting really good with a lot of expression etc these days everybody should just learn piano/keyboard and that’s it as you can then translate that into all other instruments. Maximum utility there instead of learning in an “analog” way and being proficient at loads of different instruments.

this looks interesting but I imagine the rubbery squishy keys would feel horrible and upsetting

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having the pitch bend above the keys to make it easy to tell pitch is a really good idea actually