What's the etiquette here? (Human blood on a business card)


I was at a meeting on Friday with about 12 people basically none of whom knew each other. It wasn’t a networking event but the kind of thing people often use as such.

I was sitting down waiting for it to start and someone comes up and gives me his card, but as he hands it to me he gives himself a paper cut with it and by the time I’m holding it there’s a large-ish smear of his blood on it.

He doesn’t acknowledge it and spends the rest of the meeting openly dabbing his cut with tissue, suggesting he has no shame, but I SAW him look at the blood on the card. He MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENED.

What’s the etiquette here, on his and on my part?

Do you like Huey Lewis and The News?


hand him your card with your blood on it and become blood brothers

Yes I think so

Put the card, and then yourself, in the bin


Do or do not, there is no etiquette.

approach him and ask him to kindly wipe his blood from the business card.

Use his blood to make a clone of him, and train the clone to find him and call him a dick.


Give it a lick

Kate Tempest - Human Blood on a Business Card

Available on Spotify from 07/04/2017


Run it between the keys of your keyboard to pick up excess fluff.


make a thread on Drowned In Sound

Obvs mate

Kill jester

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This seems like quite a poor joke?

Bogle to Aswad

It’s a great joke mate - what’s the problem? It’s like you’re paranoid, looking over your back.

He’s done it deliberately, you know that, don’t you?