What's the finest rack you've ever bigged up

Probably my Joseph Joseph spice rack. It’s well nice

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I don’t even own a spice etc etc


Can’t believe you kept this thread out of the 0 reply hall of shame where it belongs.


That time I black-balled Tom at pool in Uni.

You and Tone are gradually just melding into one entity aren’t you?


I’ll fucking mute you I swear to god

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very un-theo like response this


I thought about getting a Joseph Joseph drying rack but they’re not actually that nice.

Probably your mum’s

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I have a Joseph Joseph surface protector but the backing has come away. Piece of shit.

I have a Joseph Joseph chopping board set. It is unremarkable, which is good going for a chopping board set, like a football referee.

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Our Joseph Joseph food bin is quite good. Has a charcoal filter in the lid that’s probably a gimmick. 'er indoors keeps threatening to sew them into my pants.

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Got one of those filing index chopping board sets but I don’t eat flesh so the indexing is REDUNDANT

Yeah that’s what we’ve got I think. Only ever use the green and red ones tbh.

She was called …yeah, I’d better not

Weird name.

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This is the daddest of all dad jokes, I’m shook

Hi shook, I’m Epimer.