What's the finest rack you've ever bigged up

[pulls out bingo game card]

me, my parents and grandparents were eating in a restaurant a few weeks ago, and there was old timey farming tool stuff up on the walls. think flails, scythes, a pot for making booze etc. my grandma’s looking at them saying ‘oh I remember when we used to use those’ and then points out another thing and was like ‘oh we used to have those back when we were young!’.

it was a fucking spice rack. like just a bog standard spice rack like the one below. I literally replied with ‘oooooh a spice rack, woooow!’


I’m quite tense having read that there’s a brand called Joseph Joseph and people don’t think it’s taking the piss

This thread has made me realise it’s not Jospeh and Joseph. Their stuff always looks interesting but never worth the money. I quite wanted the folding chopping board they do to allow you to easily transfer your chopped items to a pan but never wanted it enough to pay for it.

Thanks for letting me know

I’m here for all your insomnia needs.

I have one of those. if you want the chopping surface to remain flat when chopping I have to prop the handle up against my kitchen roll. No good.

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we got this as a wedding present from one of our guests

it’s decent

They don’t fold to funnel the food though.

We are basically veggie so just use a large heavy wooden one and have a small plastic one for extra

Yeah that’s what we’ve got, as per my insightful review

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We have this Joseph Joseph best set with curved ends for easy transfer of chopped stuff into wherever. They’re shit


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