What's the first film you saw at the Cinema WITHOUT a grown up present

and who did you go with?
Bonus points to be had if

  • You snuck into a film that was rated above your age

  • you post a pic of the cinema

extra bonus points if

  • the cinema is now derelict/demolished/a townie nightclub


Spiderman (the first maguire one)
It was a 12A and we were 10
My mate shouted out when the green goblin got killed cause he was a top UK lad

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I honestly can’t remember, this is disappointing to me.

It would have been at Ashford Cineworld though:

Which is not derelict/demolished but was directly next to what used to be a club called M20 (because it was situated in a retail park off the M20) which was a complete fucking shithole.

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At the original Colchester Odeon (it moved shortly after, and 15 years later it’s never been reopened as anything new :frowning: )

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It was Brendan Fraser’s first Mummy film, and I found parts of it to be utterly terrifying.

It was at this place:

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Airplane 2
(I am serious)

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Space Jam - a true gem of celluloid. March 1997

At the Belle Vue, Edgware.

Its now flats, of course

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I honestly can’t remember.

Kingpin. Went with my mate Mark. Choice was that or Cable Guy.

Still no idea whether we made the right choice. Was shit, but… Jim Carrey? Ugh.

The first film I saw that I was too young to see was Fever Pitch #lad

Did you ever go into Mandy’s Nut House?


Did you go to Mandy’s Nut House?

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Did you enter Mandy’s nut Tournoi?

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Did you go Mandy’s Nut House?

To confirm: I don’t think I ever had the pleasure

can’t remember but would have been here:

which shut down ages ago and was a strip club for a while (with a creche in it, grim) but now looks like this:


Went to watch Cool Runnings with Daniel Just at the Cannon in Watford in.

Went again the following week with James Pearce to watch the same film.

Had a bag of Maltesers on both occasions.

Now it’s Ikky’s Barbershop

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Absolutely no idea. Maybe Titanic? But that seems way too late.

Would have been the Picturedrome, Newport, IoW which is now a Yates:

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Who the hell can remember things like this?

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