What's the first film you saw at the Cinema WITHOUT a grown up present

weird, titanic was my first thought. but I must have seen something before that.

Think it was either blair witch or south park movie in 99. Nearest cinema was miles away and never minded going with my parents/family really. Though I remember being asked if we were 15 at south park and my mate said he was ‘nearly 15’. smh.

here’s a pic, it always had a shitty nightclub, casino and frankie & bennies attached

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see above

I don’t know for certain but it was probably Return of the Jedi in 1983.

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I’ve found some pictures from the interior of Mandy’s Nut House:


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Just done some googling of release dates to work this out

Must have been Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Wantage cinema - no idea if it’s still there or not, but later on it was converted from a single big screen to 2x small screens

This is a very old picture of it

I went with my friend Simon and his sister, I was 9. It cost £1

I managed to lose my pound note - and spent several stressed minutes searching my pockets for it until the woman in the kiosk took pity on me and let me in for free

When I got home afterwards I found the pound note. I didn’t tell my mum (who had given me the money) and probably then used it to buy sweets

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Should clarify, not the same bag of Maltesers - I finished the first one on my first visit and having enjoyed them enormously, decided to buy the same the week after.

Kingpin is great!

YESSSS! That’s where I saw Cable Guy / Kingpin / whichever one I went to :laughing:

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Me and Joe Manning
Derby Odeon
We are talking pre-multiplex days so The Odeon was a typical provincial flea-pit cinema with 3 screens and an usherette who sold KiaOra and ice creams in the ‘Intermission’. It became a night club called Zanzibar (which was really dodgy) and became derelict for a couple years and is now one of those all-you-can-eat ‘international’ restaurant

First one I can remember going to see is Bring it On.

I saw Jurassic Park there!

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I’ve always meant to revisit it, but fell totally flat on a 13 year old boy :laughing:

I saw it again about a year ago - it’s great if you like that sort of thing

bend it like beckham i think.

matt delabreyere got us kicked out for spitting spitballs at the screen/

exciting times

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Going to make a rough guess actually, and say it was Galaxy Quest at this cinema in Oxford, which seems to still be in business:

I fell asleep halfway through because we’d been up all night before playing Crash Bandicoot and Driver.

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Actually I’m now wondering if it was Jedi a year earlier - but I have a feeling an adult came to that one.

Pretty sure it was the Phantom Menace at a cinema in Sevenoaks, don’t think it’s there any more.since Sevenoaks only seems to have The Stag these days and I thought it was a franchise cinema…could be wrong tho’

Don’t really recall. I know that me and my best mate went to see Return of the Jedi on our own at the local Holloway Odeon but that was after I’d already seen it once with my dad.

(I would have been 8.)

great late 90s period detail there