What's the furthest North/East/South/West you've ever been?

For the purposes of this thread the far east of Earth is the eastern tip of Russia/New Zealand and the far west is Alaska/Hawaii.

North: Upsalla, Sweden. (Probably anyway. Also went on a daytrip somewhere in the countryside but I’ve no idea in which direction it was)
East: Pulau Mabul, Malaysia
South: Pontianak, Indonesia
West: New York

weird i was thinking of making this exact same thread earlier

North - Keswick
East - Belgrade
South + West - Tenerife

North: Manchester
West: Cabo Fisterra (Spain)
East: Bratislava
South: Sevilla

North - Glasgow
West - New York
East - Singapore
South - Athens

One of those places was automatically far better than the rest for having such easy access to Irn Bru.

North:probably Iceland I think
West: Maryland, US
East: Italy (really want to get to Asia at some point)
South: Nigeria

North: Reykjavik, Iceland
South: Singapore
East: Cebu, Philippines
West: Florida

North: Grundarfjörður, Iceland
East: Jinja, Uganda
South: Bwindi, Uganda
West: Allendale, New Jersey

I barely knew 'erra!



north: some bit of iceland
east: aberdeen in washington, looks like
south / west: NZ the western most bit and southern most bit, whatever they were

North: Toronto
East: Budapest
South: Rome
West: West Virginia

North - Akureyri, Iceland
East - Walouru, New Zealand
South - Punta Arenas, Chile
West - Easter Island, Chile

North - Inverness
South - Tenerife or St Petersburg, Florida (can’t figure out which is more southern)
East - Dubrovnik
West - St Petersburg, Florida

North: Ny Alesund, Svalbard
South: Buenos Aires
East: Kuwait (born there wasn’t I)
West: Valparaíso, Chile, or Pottsville, Pennsylvania, whichever is furthest (will be San Francisco in a few weeks :airplane:)

North: Edinburgh, UK
South: Delnor-Wiggins State Park, FL, USA
West: Tampa International Airport, FL, USA
East: Warsaw, Poland

North: Kemijarvi
West: Tofino
South: Invercargill
East: Invercargill

Valparaiso is further south than Buenos Aires

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West Virginia appears to be further south than Rome

North - Fort William, Scotland
East - Munar, India
South - Fort Kochi, India
West - Belize