What's the greatest agent of human progress ever created?


I don’t think it’s the free market, I think it’s either cement or medicine.

Please ensure all references to estate agents or james bond are very funny


M&S stores at service stations


What did they progress


My journey between fleet services to Bournemouth




probably shoes


the bicycle




James bond


sitting down

hard to think anything through standing up


probably fire



The rat


gonna be honest man, I do 90% of my thinking standing up




Science. Everything that’s impressive comes back to science.

Smartphones are pretty incredible things and science is responsible for all that they’re capable of (design and ease of use being different to capabilities but still very relevant to their widespread use).

The fact that it was less than 70 years between powered flight and getting to the moon is still amazing to me. Imagine telling someone in 1901 when queen Victoria died that within 70 years men will have stood on the moon and come home again. Absolutely ludicrous.


Manchester united football club fc


how about pacing up and down…?


bet it’s that 10% where the real magic is though


Probably irrigation or something


The map