What's the greatest agent of human progress ever created?


The ability to exchange ideas.


Religion? Not the biggest fan personally but credit where credits due


Enjoying that the main page has

’Hugh Hefner RIP’

threads vying for position under this thread, as if these are the two possible answers


Pretty sure they slowed progress to a huge extent once it got to a certain point


Oh, cycling and nintendo switch are also in the run


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You’re being very odd in the this thread.


There’s a lot of layers in here I’ll give you that.
Layers might be up there actually.


what kind of progress are we talking? Most stuff listed so far has led to a lot of shite as well as good.

maybe food is a good one - lots of positive relationships created by trading food, sharing meals, exploring other cultures in a non-violent way by eating their regional variant of a cheese pie etc


Pretty sure food existed without humans. Next!


The ability to believe in things that don’t physically exist like laws, societies, religion, stories etc. This gave humans the ability to co-operate on a massive scale and become the dominant species on earth.


I’d have to say, the best of the Beatles


This is like the Homo Sapiens book in two sentences.


It’s not like we were under the thumbs of the bear community beforehand though


Bit homophobic mate




Inverted wingers


This isn’t the answer but it’s pretty mad how much the internet has changed the world in the last twenty years or so


Also, thought this thread was ‘who’ at first, that would be a good thread