What's the hardest word to pronounce in the English language?



Sixth maybe



Who can be bothered to pronounce that T?


I just do the American / Australian “warduh” these days


Yeah my mate hates me for that but really who cares?


February, people say it so differently


That’s a good one. Only learnt a couple of years back that some people pronounce the r. Pretty sure I’m th one in the wrong though


I’m not sure but sorry is the hardest word to say




Fucks sake!


So you should be


In terms of phrases it’s “Fairer than that”. No one can say it.


Specifically/Specific. At least according to the fuckwits around here.


I say it ‘siksfth’ by way of protest




Still get anxiety throwback over reading aloud the word “awry” so that it rhymed with “Tory” in class one day.


No it isn’t.


As someone with a mild lisp and massive lips, who can’t pronounce ‘th’ sounds properly, it’s probably anaesthetist for me


twelfth is twice as hard as sixth


I guess you can’t say fairer than that then

edit: sorry don’t mean to mock


Got any hard facts to prove it?