What's the highest little blue notification number you've ever had?


i’ve got a hundred and four.


not really probably 12



I think that’s pretty good. 775 posts I didn’t even read last time I popped into the thread and 2780 after.

(I don’t post the thread title any more because some joker always goes and @'s you in it.)




Aurora Borealis


today i changed the DiS topic contols and dismissed me unreads and muted certain threads and whatnot

anyway, as of right now my highest blue number is 14


Can’t believe japes and Theo don’t understand the question. Also I don’t believe you’ve had 14. prove it. Oh just realised you don’t understand the question either. What a world.


Probably in the 50s to 60s during a busy AQOS


oh fiddlesticks i have also misread the question.


i’ve got to be honest, my hope for this thread was to call everyone who posted a higher number than me a liar and to condescend to anyone who posted a smaller number.

the failure of several senior board members to understand the question as written has left this in tatters.


Because only a psychopath would have that many notifications lying around

(Obviously AQOS stuff like @laelfy mentions is excepted.)


theo’s not that old all things considered


Mate, we answered your question. It’s not our fault if you can’t use English well enough to formulate a question with a single possible answer. :smiley:


It was fairly simple Theo :wink:


laelfy knows whats up. think being in the colonies has had an adverse effect.


maybe like, 12? that’s not too many, so that’s fine.


@jordan_229 one*won this anyway with 26

From Has DiS gone Chinese or summat for anyone else?

*idiot dickhead


oh right, get you now. but tbh the confusion is all your fault.

get quite a few during santa time but I usually read them before they get too high. 15 maybe?




I’m glad the Sticks thread made the cut